Courageous Conversations: The Tools to Talk About DE&I
Oct 13, 2023
14:45 - 15:45 PM PDT

Creating an inclusive and supportive culture takes not only sensitivity, but also courage and consistency. Without the understanding and skills to address sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable topics relating to bias, inequity, and diversity in a constructive way—with respect—the leaders in your organization will continue to struggle to foster empathy and positive change.

In this important session:

  • Learn practical communication skills that make it easier to build connections and trust.
  • Recognize the value of personal stories and experiences—and how you can build connections and understanding by creating space for employees to share theirs.
  • Understand where unconscious bias may be sabotaging your efforts.

Equip your business and team leaders with skills to have healthier, more effective conversations. Investing in the skills your team needs to build a culture of respect and empathy, where all employees feel valued and connected, will pay long-term dividends in better collaboration and creative solutions.

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