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Oct 14, 2022


13:15 - 14:30

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With our economy growing faster than our population, the 2021 BC Labour Market Outlook forecasts more than one million job openings in the next decade. On top of that, our population is aging, with only three new workers for every four who retire. 

In this industry panel, learn from others and provide your feedback into new support programs for employee reskilling, upskilling, and immigration to help BC employers get Future Ready. 

Find out: 

  • How the shift towards a clean economy and new technologies is changing the ways people work 
  • How employees’ skills are misaligned with transforming jobs 
  • What other employers are doing to attract skilled workers and reskill existing team members 
  • The importance of a company’s commitment to health and safety to employee engagement and retention 
  • Why employers need to adapt quickly to changing demands 
  • What you can do to support a culture of ongoing learning in your business 
  • Where you can find help to adapt, retrain, develop, and attract the workforce you will need to sustain your business 




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