Dr. Matthew Chow
Speaker Bio
Telus Health
Chief Mental Health Officer

Matthew Chow is an experienced leader, clinician and innovator. He served as President of Doctors of British Columbia in 2021, supporting physicians through the challenges of a global pandemic, mass immunization campaign and multiple climate-related disasters. Matthew is a clinical specialist in child and youth mental health and was one of the first physicians in Western Canada to regularly see patients by video— years before the COVID-19 pandemic. At TELUS Health, Matthew provides leadership to a growing mental health program that serves patients across Canada.


With the opioid crisis unchecked in Canada and drug and alcohol use on the rise, few employers are entirely immune from the impact. From pre-shift cannabis use to a drink over lunch to a debilitating addiction, the level of impairment can vary—but long term, employers feel the effects through lost productivity and poor service, accidents […]
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