Sean Tucker
Speaker Bio
Owner, Centre West Consulting
Associate Professor, University of Regina; Visiting Professor, UBC

Sean Tucker has a decade of experience in teaching and researching occupational health and safety leadership. He is currently a Professor at the University of Regina (part-time) and Sessional Lecturer at University of British Columbia with an association with the Partnership for Work, Health, and Safety at UBC. Sean also provides consulting services to private and public sector organizations in North America. Between 2018 and 2020, Sean served as Associate Director of Research at the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board.

Sean is passionate about working with employers, unions, industry associations, workers compensation boards, and government partners to improve health and safety. He holds a PhD in Management and a Master’s in Industrial Relations from Queen’s University.


Incident and lost-time metrics top the KPIs most organizations track to evaluate their health and safety performance. But how much do those numbers really tell you about your workplace culture, employee buy-in and engagement with your vision? What do they tell you about the sustainability of your safety programs and well-being initiatives? Learn from this […]
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