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De-energization and Lockout Training

De-energization and Lockout

Understand what hazardous energy is and how to identify it in your workplace. Learn to apply the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (OHSR) requirements for lockout and de-energization to prevent the release of hazardous energy, preventing injuries and property damage.

Goals and Objectives

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Explain the types of hazardous energy and provide examples of where to find it
  • Introduce the legal requirements for lockout and de-energization
  • Provide examples of various locks, tags, lockout devices, etc. used in lockout
  • Summarize standard procedures for:
    • Basic lockout
    • Restarting equipment
    • Forced lock-removal process
    • Group lockout
    • How to continue lockout between shifts
    • Alternate procedures
  • Introduce terminology and best practices as addressed in the CSA Z460:20 standard

By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Define what hazardous energy is and how we can use lockout and de-energization to prevent the release of hazardous energy
  • Explain the OHSR requirements for lockout and identify various types of lockout devices to use to meet legal requirements
  • Explain procedures for application of lockout, including simple and group lockout, forced lock-removal procedures, continuity of lockout between shifts, alternate lockout procedures, and restarting equipment after lockout
  • Define terminology found in the CSA Z460:20 standard such as authorized and affected workers
  • Locate resources for building your de-energization and lockout policy, program and procedures
  • Hazardous energy and lockout
  • Lockout equipment
  • Additional lockout procedures
  • Lockout program and best practices

This course is designed for:

  • Workers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • JHSC members or Worker Health and Safety Representatives

Participants must have access to a laptop/desktop computer or iPad/tablet to attend the training sessions. A good internet or WIFI connection is essential.

There is a written assessments for this course. Upon successful completion of all course modules and the written assessment, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Enrolled students may download the following resources from the Online Learning Centre:

  • Forced Lock-Removal Form
  • Lockout Centre Register
  • Safe Work Procedure Example and Generic version
  • Toolbox Topic: De-Energization and Lockout

Your training costs may be eligible for partial reimbursement through the B.C. Employer Training Grant. Find out here.

Eligible toward the requirements for Joint Health and Safety Committee training for new members or annual training in British Columbia; may be eligible in other jurisdictions as well.


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Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hrs

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