Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC
Safety Awareness Posters
Download these printable safety posters to promote safety in your workplace.
Download this poster bundle for: Hand sanitizing station Hand washing station No visitors Occupancy Limit Stop if you have symptoms Physical distancing Feeling symptoms?
Poster tips for stretches that can be done at any workstation throughout during periodic wellness breaks to counter stiffness from static work and potentially limit risk of sprains or strains in more active jobs.
As we start to put the pandemic behind us, some of us will be taking it slower than others. Be respectful and kind as you consider others’ situations and personal choices. Print and post this post for your workplace.
Our circumstances are all unique. But the things we can do to keep each other safe and support each other are the same. Print and post this poster in your workplace.
Soap or Alcohol-based hand rub: Which is best?
Hands are essential for work, yet hand injuries are one of the most common injuries in the workplace. Hands are injured by dull cutting tools, jagged edges, and sharp objects. Most hand injuries are preventable. Injuries happen when workers are rushed, not wearing PPE, using equipment without guarding, or poor supervision and training.
Stop the spread of COVID-19 – The ABC’s of Hand Washing.
Remember to wash your hands before entering this area.
Masks are recommended in indoor public spaces for everyone aged 12 and over until you are fully vaccinated approximately two weeks after your second dose. Please do your part to keep each other safe. Print and post this poster in your workplace.
Print this 8.5 X 11 poster and post on the entry door to your worksite. Editable pdf allows personalization by including your company name and or contact information at the bottom
You are not alone. 1 in 5 of us will experience a mental health concern this year.
NIOSH approved disposable respirators for food processing and manufacturing
This resource bundle includes: Particulate filter types poster Respiratory inspection checklist User seal checks for disposable respirators User seal checks for half-face reusable respirators with cartridges User seal checks for half-face reusable respirators with filters
This bundle includes: Customizable templates Checklists Printable signs and posters
Information on how to conduct user seal checks for reusable half-face respirators with filter
Workers must wear a minimum of Class 1 high-visibility apparel if they work around vehicles or mobile equipment moving slower than 30 km/h. If workers are around vehicles moving faster than 30 km/h, they must wear Class 2 or 3 high-visibility apparel. This poster shows examples of what types of apparel must be worn and […]