SPS Safety Program Support

Safety Program Support assists companies seeking to share the expense of an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) professional. This will be a benefit when developing an internal OHS program, mentoring and developing an in-house OHS professional, or when in need of guidance coping with WorkSafe BC Compliance Orders.

How does SPS work?

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (the Alliance) provides an SPS Coordinator three days per month to help plan, train and mentor employees to build safety management protocols, practices and culture required to achieve OSSE (COR) certification. SPS Coordinators provide quarterly reports which include leading and lagging indicators.

By joining the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC Safety Pooling System we were able to share the costs of a health and safety professional while seeing a significant safety culture change within our organization.

Chris InksterVP, Freeport Industries

Our main goal in joining the SPS group was to reduce the number of accidents and, in turn, reduce our WCB premiums and attain our OSSE certification. We wanted to ensure we remain competitive in the global economy.

Garth McKayHighland Foundry

What Are The Benefits?

Participants in SPS have experienced many or all of the
following benefits of an OHS management system:

Safer workplaces

Improved experience rating

Improved Return-to-Work results

Help with WorkSafe BC Orders

Regulatory compliance

Reduced injury/fatigue rates

Positive cultural shift

Higher job satisfaction

Reduced employee turnover

OSSE Certification with a 10% reduction in WSBC premiums

SPS Terms and Rates

3 month contract$8,000
Courses are an additional charge
6 month contract$15,000
Includes 1 essential OHS instructor-led training session
1 year contract$27,500
Includes 2 essential OHS instructor-led training sessions + 4 quarterly reports
2 year contract$50,000
Includes 1 session each of the 4 essential OHS instructor-led training sessions and up to 50 seats in the online versions of essential OHS courses + 8 quarterly reports.

* 83% of companies who completed a 2 year SPS contract achieved OSSE (COR) Certification

Essential OHS Training (Instructor-led and online)

  • Joint Health & Safety Committee
  • Hazard ID & Control
  • Incident Investigation
  • Workplace Inspections

Are you ready to join the Program?

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