Safety Program Support and Safety Compliance Support

A Safety Program Support or Safety Compliance Support contract is tailored to meet your specific needs. Call to request a custom quote for SPS or SCS services. 

Want to make progress faster toward your injury reduction, program development, or certification goals?

Get focused mentorship from an OHS Advisor. with Safety Program Support ​

Safety Program Support

A Safety Program Support (SPS) contract gives you tailored mentorship from an Alliance OHS Advisor. Beyond the basic advisory schedule available with your membership, an SPS contract allows you to schedule more frequent or in-depth assistance in developing and implementing your safety policies, building your JHSC, mentoring OHS staff, or preparing for an OSSE (COR) certification audit.
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On PACE or facing WorkSafeBC orders? Limited time or resources to develop or fix your safety program?

Get urgent Safety Compliance support.​

Safety Complaince Support

With a Safety Compliance Support (SCS) contract, you get hands-on assistance in developing the missing or noncompliant elements of your safety program. Get the specific practical help you need.
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How it works.

If you’re looking for mentorship or continuous improvement support, an SPS contract may be the answer. An OHS advisor will help plan and mentor you or your team in the design of effective safety management protocols and practices for your specific operation. Your advisor will help you develop a safety-focused business culture and guide you towards OSSE (COR) certification. You’ll get regular reports to help track your progress and plan next steps. 

Need compliance help fast? With an SCS contract, your OHS advisor will take a more hands-on approach to help you tackle a specific health and safety problem, working with you to develop critical elements of your safety program for your review and approval.

What Are The Benefits?

Participants in SPS and SCS programs experience the benefits of an improved OHS management system:

  • Safer workplaces
  • Improved experience rating
  • Improved Return-to-Work results
  • Help with WorkSafe BC Orders
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reduced injury/fatigue rates
  • Positive cultural shift
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • OSSE Certification with a 10% reduction in WSBC premiums

Interested in SPS or SCS support?

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