Gap Service Team

Assessing your safety program needs

We’ve got the solution to take your Safety Management System to the next level. Ease the journey towards enhancing your safety performance by letting us identify opportunities for improvement.

Easing the journey – Needs Assessment

The first step is an assessment of your OHS program when compared to the criteria for a comprehensive safety management system. This may begin with a review and needs assessment, or with a more formal GAP Analysis. You need to understand what your program’s strengths and weaknesses are, so that you can plug the gaps and take what is successful to a higher level.

What is a GAP Analysis?

A GAP Analysis is designed to identify holes in your health and safety management system and provide recommendations for improvement. It’s the start of a comprehensive advisory service for members that includes:

  • A full day onsite assessment
  • A professional, user friendly report
  • A report presentation to highlight priorities
  • Assistance with your action plan development
  • Follow up assistance with regards to program implementation
  • Ongoing advisory services

Bridging the GAP

If you are considering achieving OSSE (Occupational Standard of Excellence – COR Certification for Manufacturers), but you are unsure if your program meets the standards, a GAP Analysis will provide you with an objective review indicating your readiness for OSSE Certification.

Committed to your organization

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is committed to help employers in the food processing and manufacturing industries improve their health and safety performance. We have a proven track record of making this happen through our safety advisory services, training, and specialized services.

Leadership commitment

Best of all? This service is offered without charge to all member companies. All we require is that senior management participates in the report delivery process and commits to reviewing and implementing our recommendations.

Ready for your Needs Assessment or GAP Analysis?

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