A Culture of Safety

We know that with proper training and easy to follow processes that every business is capable of reducing their injury rates. Safety Culture, however, is more than following the rules. Safety Culture is a value that never changes and isn’t subject to shifting priorities within an organization.

When all levels of an organization understand the principle that the effective management of health and safety is essential to the long term profitability and sustainability then true safety culture is possible.

The Business Case

Our members have reported these improvements to their operations since adopting a culture of safety in their workplace.

Increased Productivity

We know a safe and healthy workplace is a more productive workplace.

How do we know? Our members have observed these reduced time lost incidents, reduced absenteeism, reduced staff turnover, increased worker satisfaction and engagement and increased productivity.

Lowered Injury Rates

We know we can reduce injury rates.

From 2014-2018, Alliance member manufacturers’ average injury rate decreased 14.1%. In companies that have achieved the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence, the average reduction in time-loss injuries and sprains and strains from the year before their OSSE certification to three years later is 53%.

That translates to increased productivity, reduced sick time—and potentially saved lives. From 2010-2018, 4,367 workers in member companies went home safe as a result of time-loss injuries avoided due to our shared work in prevention.

Increased Profits

We know a more productive workplace with a low injury rate is more profitable workplace.

How do we know? Our members have old us that when workers miss less time, feel more valued and are more productive that the net benefits are higher profits.

Lowered Insurance Premiums

We know we can reduce insurance premiums.

Since 2008, employers in the food and beverage processing and manufacturing industries have saved millions as a result of improved health and safety, reduced injury rates, and lower WorkSafeBC premiums. 

We can help you reduce your WorkSafeBC premiums by improving your health and safety experience rating. Work with us to achieve Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence certification and earn an additional annual rebate of 10% from WorkSafeBC. And through our partnership with CapriCMW, eligible OSSE-certified member companies can earn an additional rebate of 15% on their net property insurance premiums.