Membership with the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC grants you access to professional safety advisors, a broad range of occupational health & safety (OHS) tools and resources, significant discounts on our classroom and online OHS training and a FREE safety needs assessment or gap analysis to assist you in assessing your OHS system. Additional benefits of membership include the right to help shape the future of Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC with AGM voting privileges, the latest OHS news, information and updates in our quarterly newsletter. Your membership is designed to assist you in achieving the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence (OSSE) certification. OSSE is the Certificate of Recognition program (COR) for manufacturers and food/beverage processors in BC. Your certification may qualify you for the incentive of a 10% reduction in WorkSafeBC premiums and additional premium benefits.

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A safety needs assessment or gap analysis is a free assessment of your occupational health and safety (OHS) system, performed by one of our professional safety advisors. The initial safety assessment helps your advisor understand how best to help you. A more in-depth gap analysis provides you with an action plan to improve your OHS management system to meet the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence (OSSE) standardÔÇöor COR certification for the manufacturing and food processing sector.

We will work with you to determine the priorities to consider in continuing to build on your OHS management system. If you choose, our expert safety advisors are available to guide you in a step-by-step approach to implementing your action plan.

Call 1.604.795.9595 today to schedule a confidential assessment of your health and safety management system.


Training is an important component in supporting the skills and education required for your workers. We can help you develop an effective OHS management system through training in the classroom and online. We offer courses that range from how to develop your own Joint Health & Safety Committee to Principles of OHS Management, Incident Investigation and Hazard Identification.

We add new training programs regularly to meet the evolving needs of manufacturing and food processing industries.

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC training is discounted for members and available face-to-face in a classroom setting or online, whatever best suits your needs.


OSSE certification

OSSE is the Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence for manufacturers and food processors in British Columbia: the Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification program for the sector.

OSSE is recognized by WorkSafeBC in the Partners in Injury and Disability Prevention Program. Companies who successfully pass an audit conducted by a certified auditor may qualify for a 10% reduction in WorkSafeBC premiums and a 15% rebate on your annual property insurance premiums through a partnership with CapriCMW.

By achieving and maintaining OSSE certification, you are investing in the long-term sustainability and competitive advantage of your business and the well-being of your team.