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Upcoming Open Learning Classes

Getting employees out of the workplace reduces distractions and can lead to out of the box thinking—and with Open Learning, you can purchase training by the seat for any number of participants. In sessions with students from multiple companies, employees also experience increased peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities. Browse our upcoming Virtual Open Learning Classes below.

Joint Health and Safety Committee | Virtual Classroom – 8 Hours

A Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is composed of worker and management representatives and is a primary component of any employer’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system. This co-operative involvement ensures that everything possible is done to identify, eliminate or mitigate workplace health and safety hazards. A JHSC has been a legal requirement for all BC workplaces with 20 or more regularly employed workers and must be given the necessary training to permit them to efficiently and effectively carry out their assigned duties. For smaller companies, a Worker Health and Safety Representative would be appointed in place of a JHSC. Available in Virtual Classroom format. This is an 8-hour class presented in four 2-hour online sessions. See available date below.

Workplace Inspections | Virtual Classroom – 2 Hours

Effective inspections are one of the most important incident/accident prevention tools in a company’s safety and health program. Properly trained inspectors in a systematic inspection program will help reduce incidents and property damage. This course will guide JHSC members, Worker Health and Safety Reps, managers, or supervisors responsible for workplace inspection in the creation of an effective safety inspection program. Available in Virtual Classroom format. This is a 2-hour class presented in one 2-hour session online. See available dates below.

Hazard Identification and Control | Virtual Classroom – 4 Hours

To achieve a safe workplace, employers and workers need to be aware of current hazards and possible hazards as soon as possible. The purpose of this course is to provide participants with a basic understanding of how to identify hazards, assess their risk, and select control measures for those hazards. Other health and safety activities such as workplace inspection follow a hazard identification, assessment and control process. Available in Virtual Classroom format. This is a 4-hour class presented in two 2-hour online sessions. See available date below.

Fundamentals of Thermal Imaging | Virtual Classroom – 8 Hours

Understanding and employing thermal imaging technologies can uncover impending equipment failures or dangerous situations that left unchecked, could lead to lost production or serious injury. This course is recommended as a basic requirement for workers in maintenance or in the trades, or others who conduct (or are planning to conduct) thermal surveys or screening. Available in Virtual Classroom format. This is an 8-hour class presented in four 2-hour online sessions. See available date below.