Corporate Member

If you are a manufacturer or food/beverage processor in one of the industry classification units listed below, you are a Corporate Member and entitled to full member benefits.

Don’t see your classification unit? Contact us to find out whether your CU is aligned with the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC.

Food and Beverage Products

711002Alcoholic Beverage
711003Animal Feed Supplement
711004Baked Goods
711005Butter, Cheese or Ice Cream
711006Candy or Chocolate
711007Cereal, Biscuit, Taco, Rice
711008Coffee, Tea, Herb, Spices
711010Fish Processing
711011Flour/Rice Mill
711012Food Product Manufacture – (not elsewhere specified)
711013Fruit, Vegetable Canning, Bottling
711014Ice Manufacture
711015Liquid Dairy Product Manufacture
711017Meat Cutting, Packing, Processing, Canning
711018Non-Alcoholic Beverage
711019Poultry Processing
711020Sausage -Casing Manufacture
711021Smoked, Cured, Prepared Meat Product
711022Sugar Refining and Packaging

Metal and Non-Metallic Mineral Products

712001Aircraft, Automobile or Truck Assembly
712003Boiler, Tank, or Furnace Manufacture
712005Ceramic or Terra Cotta Tile, Clay Brick, or other Ceramic or Clay Product Manufacture
712008Die Casting
712014Galvanizing, Electroplating or Protection Plating
712018Light Industrial Equipment, Machinery, or Power Tool Manufacture (less than 500 lb.)
712028Metal Product Manufacture
712034Sheet Metal Fabrication
712038Structural Concrete Product Manufacture
712040Truck Body or Trailer Manufacture

Petroleum, Coal, Rubber, Plastic, and Chemical Products

713012Fiberglass Insulation Manufacture
713013Foam Product Manufacture
713015Glue or Adhesive Manufacture
713023Plastic Film Extrusion and Flexible Packaging Manufacture
713024Plastic or Rubber Recycling
713025Plastic Product Manufacture (thermoforming…)
713027Plastic Product Manufacture (by rotational moulding or liquid moulding)
713028Plastic Product Manufacture (by profile extrusion)
713029Post Extrusion Fabrication of Plastic Products

Wood and Paper Products

714001Cardboard or Paper Container Manufacture

Other Products (not elsewhere specified)

715003Blind or Drapery Track Manufacture
715024Lighting Fixture Manufacture
715026Mattress Manufacture

Primary Resources: Fishing

702001Fin Fish Farming