Combustible Dust

Combustible dust is a fine material that, when mixed with air and in the right concentration, has the ability to catch fire and explode. Many materials are combustible including grains, flour, sugar cornstarch, wood and metals. Even materials that do not burn in larger pieces (such as aluminum or iron), given the proper conditions, can ignite. A combustible dust assessment examines your company’s exposure to combustible dust hazard(s).

When it comes to combustible dust, several standards must be considered—the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets those standards and codes to protect against fire and explosion risks. The NFPA standards, along with provincial and federal regulations, are considered during the assessment.

Who is this for?

WorkSafeBC has been actively inspecting facilities that typically generate combustible dust. While most people associate combustible dust with the wood processing industry, food processors and manufacturers that produce fine dusts may also be at risk.

What does it involve?

Step 1:  Scoping meeting
First things first, we want to find out your risk level!  We call this the scoping meeting.  During this step, an advisor will come out to your facility to determine if you have a combination of conditions that put you at risk.

Step 2: The proposal
If an assessment is needed, the program administrator will send you a service proposal.  This will outline the costs and deliverables based on the findings from the scoping meeting.  Once this proposal is signed and returned, we can book a date for your service(s).

Step 3:  The deliverables
Our specialist advisor will complete the services agreed to in the proposal which generally includes the production an assessment report and management plan for your records. Awareness training for employees may also be recommended in order to satisfy regulatory requirements.

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