Certified OSSE External Auditors

A Certified Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC OSSE External Auditor is a Health and Safety Professional who is trained and qualified to assess the occupational health and safety and return to work management system of a large-employer (20 employees or more).

An external auditor is screened, selected and trained by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC to conduct qualifying OSSE audits. Auditors must have adequate industry experience and retain a recognized professional Health & Safety designation (CRSP, CSP or equivalent) to be considered for pre-screening.

The auditor pre-screening includes written and oral skills tests, criminal check and a behavior based interview.  Auditors that are selected following this process must successfully complete Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s auditor training and a student audit.

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC Certified External OSSE Auditors are the only type of auditor qualified to conduct Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC OSSE certification and re-certification audits. They can also be used to conduct OSSE maintenance audits for Large Employers and Small Employer OSSE certification, maintenance and re-certification audits.

Lower Mainland

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/neil-allen/">Neil Allen</a>

Neil Allen

M.Sc., PGDipEnvMngt, P.Ag., EP(EMSLA), EP(CEA)

SNC Lavalin Inc. Environment Division
8648 Commerce Court
Burnaby, BC V5A 4N6
t. 604.515.5151
f. 604.515.5150
e. neil.allen@snclavalin.com

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/andrew-chan/">Andrew Chan</a>

Andrew Chan


#7 20738, 84th Ave
Langley, BC V2Y 0J6

e. maggasafety@gmail.com
p. 1.778.999.8738

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/john-a-foster/">John A. Foster</a>

John A. Foster


SNC-Lavalin Environment Division
8648 Commerce Court
Burnaby, BC
V5A 4N6

t. 604.515.5151
f. 604.515.5150
e. john.foster@snclavalin.com

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/michael-w-herald/">Michael Herald</a>

Michael Herald


Blackbird EHS Consulting Services Inc.
Unit 2 – 832 East 17th Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7L 2X1

t. 1.604.353.2473
e. mherald@blackbirdehs.ca

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/bruce-jackson/">Bruce Jackson</a>

Bruce Jackson


Advocate Workplace Safety Services
#183-5148 Ladner Trunk Road
Delta, B.C.
V4K 5B6
phone: 604-818-6211
e: advocateohs@gmail.com

Aron Laxton

Aron Laxton

Principle Consultant

Industry Stewardship
e: aron@industrystewardship.com
cell: 604-832-8644
office: 604-719-7372

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/jf-landry/">JF Landry</a>

JF Landry


International Safety Institute Ltd. (ISI Ltd.)
950 53A Street, Delta BC
V4M 3C9

t: 604.319.7587
e: jflandry@isiltd.ca

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/andrew-mckenzie/">Andrew McKenzie</a>

Andrew McKenzie


Email: Tiswaz1@mac.com
Cell: 604-868-0407

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/ulrika-merrick/">Ulrika Merrick</a>

Ulrika Merrick


p. 604.625.0177
c. 604.910.2081
e. umerrick@gmail.com

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/giff-robb/">Giff Robb</a>

Giff Robb


e. gtrobb@shaw.ca
t. 1.604.614.9341

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/krista-crawford/">Krista Crawford</a>

Krista Crawford


t. 1.778.878.4413
e. kmwenvironmental@gmail.com

Vancouver Island

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/paige-knapman/">Paige Knapman</a>

Paige Knapman


Comox Valley
Vancouver Island BC

c. 1.250.703.1142
e. pknapman@telus.net

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/bjarne-nielsen/">Bjarne Nielsen</a>

Bjarne Nielsen


Bear Safety Services Ltd
Address: 197 Stafford Avenue, Courtenay BC, V9N 7E8

c. 1.250.703.3990
e. bjarnenielsen@shaw.ca

British Columbia Interior

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/julie-cole/">Julie Cole</a>

Julie Cole


t: 604-319-2846
e: julie@pcssafety.ca

<a href="/osse/certified-osse-external-auditors/elaine-wolfson/">Elaine Wolfson</a>

Elaine Wolfson


#423,230-1210 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC
V2C 6M1

t/f. 1.250.374.0058
c. 1.250.319.2418
e. ewolfsontnt@telus.net
w. www.thompsonnicolatraining.ca

Large Employer OSSE Maintenance Auditors

A Large Employer OSSE Maintenance Auditor is a permanent employee of a large employer (20 employees or more) who has received a minimum of 14 hours of instruction and training on how to conduct, document and score an OSSE audit.  Maintenance auditors must also pass a written assessment and successfully complete a student audit. These auditors conduct maintenance audits for large employers in years 2 and 3 of their OSSE certification cycle.

Small Employer OSSE Internal Auditors

A Small Employer OSSE Internal Auditor is a permanent employee of a small employer (19 and less full time equivalent employees) who has received a minimum of 14 hours of instruction and training on how to conduct, document and score an OSSE audit. Small Employer Internal OSSE Auditors must pass a written assessment and successfully complete a student audit. These auditors conduct both certification and maintenance audits for their employer.

NOTE: All Audit submissions undergo a quality assurance process through the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC.