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The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC offers an array of confidential, not-for-profit health and safety advice and consulting services.

  • Contact us or call our OHS support line 1-604-795-9595 or  for help with your health and safety questions any time.

  • Start with a free needs assessment or GAP analysis to get regular support from an advisor in developing or improving your safety management system.

  • Or register for OSSE/COR certification and get the ongoing help of a dedicated safety advisor on your path to certification. 

You have been a great help already in reducing injuries and improving our health and safety culture. We could not have done this without the help of Alliance safety advisors. They rock!

— Member Survey —

Safety Needs Assessment and Advisory Services

As a member of the Alliance, you are eligible for some health and safety support at no charge. Book a free initial needs assessment call or more formal GAP analysis of your safety management system to get started with your safety advisor.


Safety Compliance and Program Support

For more hands-on help with compliance, call us to discuss Safety Compliance Support (SCS) services.

For mentorship and advice to build or improve your OHS program, call us to discuss our regular safety advisory services and consulting options for more frequent Safety Program Support (SPS).


Specialized Services

On top of the standard OHS advisory services available to all members, take advantage of a range of assessments for industry-specific specialized programs, such as industrial and office ergonomics, air quality (including ammonia), noise, combustible dust, industrial storage racking, confined space, critical incident response, and machine guarding.

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