Leadership and Workplace Mental Health and Wellness Consulting

Health and safety goes beyond the physical. The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC offers leadership coaching and workplace mental health, wellness, and psychological safety consultation and training to support you. This includes support in a range of areas—from conflict, anger, and sensitivity training to education and coaching for leaders on emotional intelligence, communication skills, managing stress, and more.

While we do not offer individual counselling, we can offer advice and referrals as well as more in-depth consulting and training at affordable rates for member companies. Basic awareness workshops may be available to members at no charge. Schedule a call to discuss what you need and how we can best support you.

Who is this for?

If you are a business owner, leader, or responsible for developing programs or training for your organization, we can help. 

What does it involve?

As scheduled, we will call you to discuss the issue you are facing, what questions you have, and what additional consulting, program development, or training support you may need. Sometimes, we may be able to answer your question or make a referral on this first call. If your needs are more complex, we will discuss the urgency and scope of work required to help you on this initial call.

Get support or training in areas such as:

  • Recognizing psychological safety hazards and implementing controls 
  • Understanding and meeting the training needs for your managers, supervisors, and leadership team to promote positive workplace mental health and wellness
  • Developing a workplace mental health strategy or implementing an equity, diversity, and inclusion initiative
  • One-on-one sensitivity and respectful workplace coaching for an individual employee 

If you need more in-depth consulting support or custom training, we will send you a service proposal outlining the details. Once you sign and return this proposal, we can book the associated services or training.

Mental health and wellness training

Review our related training classes (including new online and instructor-led courses for supervisors and workers). Or request a call hear to discuss:

  • Free lunch ‘n learn-format awareness training on multiple mental health and wellness topics—at your facility or virtually
  • Custom training onsite or virtually to support your specific needs

For example, urrently available lunch ‘n’ learn training topics include:

  1. Mental Health Awareness (understanding what mental health issues are – signs and symptoms, reducing stigma) 

  2. Bullying and Harassment

  3. Stress Management (managing stress in our lives) 

  4. Resiliency

  5. Mental Health Fitness: Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing 

We can also support in-depth training on these topics and others. Let’s chat about what you need.

Meet the specialist

Dr. Steven Conway
Mental Health and Wellness Director

Dr. Steve Conway

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