Ergonomic Assessment

STENA – Specific Task Ergonomic Needs Assessment

A worker knows when he has stayed in an uncomfortable or awkward position too long because their body hurts. If the uncomfortable and awkward position is required in order for them to do the job, then they may develop various musculoskeletal disorders.

Ergonomics is about designing systems or processes for people, wherever they interact with products.  It is all about ‘not forcing the worker to fit the job’ but ‘designing the job to fit the worker’.  The emphasis of ergonomics is to ensure designs which complement the strengths and abilities of people and minimize the effects of their limitations, rather than forcing them to adapt.

Keeping this systems approach in mind, we developed Specific Task Ergonomic Needs Assessment (STENA) to assess and evaluate tasks in which musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) are of concern, with the intention of reducing or eliminating the risk.

Who is this for?

All employees at all levels within your organization are at risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries (MSI).  While manufacturing does have high MSI injury statistics, this type of injury is not unique to our industry alone.  Ergonomic interventions try to design the job such that these uncomfortable positions are taken away, mitigating the risk.

What does it involve?

Step 1:  Scoping meeting
First things first, we want to find out your risk level!  We call this the scoping meeting.  During this step, we will ask you about your ergonomic concerns in order to best match you with the correct service type.

Step 2: The proposal
The program administrator will send you a service proposal that will outline the costs and deliverables based on the findings from the scoping meeting.  Once this proposal is signed and returned, we can book a date for your service(s).

Step 3:  The deliverables
An advisor will come to your facility to complete the assessment.  A report summarizing the findings and recommendations will be produced and a digital copy of this report will be sent to you for your records.

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