Committees Overview

We have a variety of Committees at the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC and you can join us and help to shape the future of Occupational Health and Safety in the Manufacturing industry.

Financial Audit Committee

The Financial Audit Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. Duties of the committee includes overseeing the integrity of the organization’s financial accounting process and systems of internal controls regarding finance, accounting and use of assets; and providing an avenue of communication among the organization’s independent auditors, management, staff, and the Board of Directors.

Nominations Committee

The role of the Nominations Committee is to lead the process for identifying and making recommendations to the Board on candidates for nomination as potential Directors of the organization. The Nominations Committee is responsible for identifying both Business and Association classification nomination candidates. If you are interested in serving on the Board or a Committee, download, complete and submit a Nomination Form.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee is a forum where industry representatives provide input into the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s activities and projects. The members are appointed by the Board with recommendations from the Nominations Committee. The Committee is chaired by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s Director of Research, Programs and Resources. The members are drawn from a variety of food processors and manufacturers and include health and safety professionals, worker representatives, designated experts as requested by the Committee and/or Board and representatives from WorkSafeBC in an advisory capacity.

Transportation Initiative Committee

The Transportation Initiative task group Committee members are appointed by the executive management teams at the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC and Canadian Materials Handling and Distribution Society (CMHDS). The TIC is composed of a minimum of 6 individuals representing employers with relevant material handling areas, CMHDS members and the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s staff. The purpose of the TIC is to assist the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC in achieving the objectives of the transportation strategy (as approved by the Board September 2013) that include the LOADING DOCK INJURY REDUCTION STRATEGY and the MOTOR VEHICLE INJURY REDUCTION STRATEGY. The TIC will provide feedback on the related tasks associated with the strategy.

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