Employee Safety Orientation

Managers and supervisors are responsible for shaping behaviour while ensuring employees receive an adequate introduction to workplace health and safety. Upon completing this online course, new hires and HR managers looking for support in the OHS portion of their workplace orientation program will better understand common workplace health and safety elements.

Note: Employee Safety Orientation is meant to be integrated with a complete workplace orientation program.

Goals and Objectives
  • Know who their direct supervisor is and be familiar with their rights, roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the importance of learning about hazards
  • Be familiar with health and safety program concepts
  • Know what types of emergencies can occur
  • Be familiar with key ergonomic risk factors and aware of resources that may help keep them safe at work
  • Rights, roles, and responsibilities
  • Industry-specific programs and procedures
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Ergonomics and core strengthening
  • New hires and HR managers looking for support with the OHS portion of their workplace orientation program

Your training costs may be eligible for partial reimbursement through the B.C. Employer Training Grant. Find out here.


Register for online Employee Safety Orientation eLearning training online through our Learning Centre. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet with internet access.
Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours.