Fatigue Management | Introduction

Fatigue is more than feeling tired and drowsy. Work fatigue is mental or physical exhaustion that reduces a person’s ability to work safely and effectively. This course explores fatigue-related risks in manufacturing, factors that influence fatigue, and solutions to mitigate the risks.

Goals and Objectives
  • To learn about workplace fatigue and the importance of being aware of it on the job.
  • To understand what contributes to fatigue in an industrial setting.
  • To interpret BC Regulations and international practices.Outcomes:•Participantswill understand workplace fatigue and its effect on workers.
  • Factors that contribute to fatigue
  • Regulations and standards related to fatigue on the job
  • Signs of fatigue
  • Factors with influence fatigue:
    • Non-traditional working hours and fatigue
    • Job demands
    • Manual material handling
    • Sleep quality
  • Impact of fatigue on work-related incidents
  • Risk factors
  • Management of fatigue in the workplace
  • Senior management
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee members

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