Safety Culture 101

This introductory-level course focuses on the basics of a safety culture. It is an essential building block for anyone who wants to play a role in making their workplace healthy and safe.

*Note – this course is a pre-requisite for Safety Culture 102: How to Build and Maintain a Safety Culture.

Goals and Objectives
  • Define safety culture
  • Clearly distinguish between safety climate and safety culture
  • Explain how safety culture is a product of an organization’s broader culture and values
  • Describe the key ingredients of a strong safety culture
  • Itemize the individual and organizational benefits of a strong safety culture
  • Plan the steps required to strengthen or maintain your organization’s safety culture
  • What is safety culture?
  • Understanding the difference between safety ‘climate’ and safety ‘culture’
  • Why organizational culture matters
  • Ingredients of a strong safety culture
  • Why safety culture is important
  • Strengthening your safety culture
  • Front-line employees
  • OHS professionals
  • Members of OHS committees
  • Supervisors
  • Managers


Register for online Safety Culture 101 eLearning training online through our Learning Centre. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet with internet access.
Estimated Time to Complete: 1.5 hours.