Safety Culture 101

This introductory-level course focuses on the basics of a safety culture. It is an essential building block for anyone who wants to play a role in making their workplace healthy and safe.

*Note – this course is a pre-requisite for Safety Culture 102: How to Build and Maintain a Safety Culture.

Goals and Objectives
  • Define safety culture
  • Clearly distinguish between safety climate and safety culture
  • Explain how safety culture is a product of an organization’s broader culture and values
  • Describe the key ingredients of a strong safety culture
  • Itemize the individual and organizational benefits of a strong safety culture
  • Plan the steps required to strengthen or maintain your organization’s safety culture
  • What is safety culture?
  • Understanding the difference between safety ‘climate’ and safety ‘culture’
  • Why organizational culture matters
  • Ingredients of a strong safety culture
  • Why safety culture is important
  • Strengthening your safety culture
  • Front-line employees
  • OHS professionals
  • Members of OHS committees
  • Supervisors
  • Managers

Your training costs may be eligible for partial reimbursement through the B.C. Employer Training Grant. Find out here.


Register for online Safety Culture 101 eLearning training online through our Learning Centre. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet with internet access.
Estimated Time to Complete: 1.5 hours.