Injury reporting

Employers are required to report and investigate all serious incidents and accidents in the workplace. You must report a serious injury or death of a worker to WorkSafeBC under the Workers Compensation Act.

What do you need to report to WorkSafeBC?

  • Serious injuries or death of a worker
  • Injuries requiring medical treatment beyond basic first aid
  • Incidents where there was a potential for serious injury, even when no injury occurred
  • Major structural issues
  • Driving related incidents
  • Explosive or blasting incidents

Claims and Recovery

When a worker is injured, on or off the job, supporting that person to return to work as soon as possible is beneficial to both the worker and the business. Workers can perform duties while they recover as long as the duties do not aggravate or impact their recovery.  

For help to support a worker in the event of an injury that requires a claim and/or recovery please contact WorkSafeBC Claims Call Centre, or the Employers Advisers Office