Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC
Yaroslav Moisseyev

Yaroslav has been in the health and safety field for more than 10 years, and he has extensive knowledge and experience in health and safety ranging in variety of industries such as supply chain, warehousing, manufacturing, and transportation. His remarkable achievements include the ability to develop, support and rollout complex safety programs, as well as audit for their effectiveness.
Yaroslav’s education background includes B.Sc. in Health Science from SFU, B.Tech in Environmental Health and OHS Certification from BCIT. He has achieved his Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation in 2017.
Yaroslav embodies a friendly and positive persona that resonates with clients that he works with. His exceptional interpersonal skills allow him to establish meaningful connections with his clients and teams he supports. His extensive knowledge in safety systems and processes allows him to guide and inspire others to develop and maintain their safety management systems to meet the requirements of OSSE certification.

Yaroslav Moisseyev
Yaroslav Moisseyev
CRSP, B.Sc., B. Tech.
Health and Safety Consultant
Genuine Safety & Prevention Consulting
Vancouver, B.C.