Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC
Worker Representative

A workplace with more than nine (9) but less than twenty (20) workers must have a worker health and safety representative. Workplaces with over twenty (20) workers must have a joint health and safety committee (JHSC).

Worker health and safety representatives have a critical role in your health and safety management system. They work closely with workers and the owner/operator to identify potential health and safety and develop solutions. A worker health and safety representative can:

  • Identifying unsafe and unhealthy work conditions and providing recommendations on how to resolve them
  • Dealing with complaints relating to OHS issues
  • Consulting with workers and the employer on OHS issues
  • Recommending OHS improvements to the employer and workers
  • Recommending and monitoring OHS education
  • Advising the employer on what OHS policies and programs are required
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of these OHS policies and programs
  • Advising on proposed changes to the workplace
  • Ensuring inspections and accident investigations are carried out as required
  • Participating in inspections, investigations, and inquiries