Twelve Months of Safety

We are rolling out a whole year of health and safety resources for you to grow your occupational health and safety program. Whether you need Toolbox Talks, topics for your safety committee meanings, or just want to step up your OHS program, we’ve got you covered!

You can use the topics below to conduct your workplace safety talks and keep safety top of mind for workers. Through safety talks/toolbox talks, you connect with workers on health and safety requirements for the tasks they do every day. 

Mental Health
The workplace can be an essential factor to maintain positive mental health – but it can also be a stressful environment that contributes to mental health issues.
January 2022
Machine Safeguarding
All machines and equipment come with some levels of hazard. Machine safeguarding protects workers from the hazards created by the machine during regular operations.
February 2022
Hearing Conservation
Hearing loss isn’t easy to notice but with time, overexposure to loud noises decreases our ability to hear. Damage occurs deep inside your ear, so there’s no way to see the damage, and there is no pain.
March 2022
Lockout/Tagout and Machine Safety
April 2022
Emergency Preparedness
May 2022
Heat stroke and heat stress prevention
June 2022
Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) Prevention
July 2022
Workplace Inspections
August 2022
Driving and transportation safety
September 2022
Dynamic Risk Assessment/Hazard ID
Slips, Trips, and Falls
November 2022
Joint Health and Safety Committee
December 2022