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March 2024

Rigging hardware can fail under excessive loads if improperly rigged and secured.  Loads may become off balance or fall—and risk of injury is probable. The results can even be catastrophic. To rig a load, you must be a qualified worker or work under the direction of a qualified worker. Qualified workers understand the job, the hazards involved, and effective controls.

To ensure the safety of workers, people working around rigging should also be trained on safe rigging practices.  Ensuring the proper use of, and training for, rigging equipment during rigging procedures will assist in identifying and avoiding workplace injuries or death.

When risk is not controlled properly it can result in:

  • Work stoppage
  • Equipment failure
  • Loss in productivity
  • Revenue loss
  • Risk to safety
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Improperly rigged and secured loads may become off balance or fall—and rigging hardware can fail under excessive loads. The results can be catastrophic.
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Cranemasters has been in the Rigging and Ouverhead Crane training business since 2007 and has never diverted their focus in any other training. Our goal was, and still is, to provide training that is timely and adaptable to the needs of our clients. We are always looking for methods to convey information that will promote […]
Rigging Resource Centre ( is a comprehensive online resource developed for anyone working in construction, fabrication or with the operation of cranes and rigging equipment. Industry leaders, employers, workers, and students now have a wealth of information available at their fingertips.
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A crane makes lifting a lot easier for workers. But like any machine, it can introduce new hazards into the workplace. Operators must be qualified to operate a crane, demonstrate competency in the use of hand signals, and be qualified to rig the load they are lifting.
2024-10-10 08:30:00
In this hands-on Cranemasters workshop for supervisors and safety professionals, learn the essentials to select and maintain rigging equipment and keep workers safe. Topics include: Integrity How do I know if this manufactured piece of rigging equipment can be relied on to lift this load? How do I check the integrity of this product? If […]