Cranemasters has been in the Rigging and Ouverhead Crane training business since 2007 and has never diverted their focus in any other training. Our goal was, and still is, to provide training that is timely and adaptable to the needs of our clients. We are always looking for methods to convey information that will promote change in the industry and to ensure workers avoid complacency.

The principles of Cranemasters are Rick Sikora and Tony Ragusa. Both Rick and Tony are tradesman who understand the challenges of both workers and employers; employers who need to get the work completed, and workers who want to do their best for the employers, both safely and effectively.

Both Rick and Tony’s passions were found in the overhead crane business and is where they saw the need for good training in the rigging and overhead crane field. They observed that tradesmen could rig but lacked: (1) the understanding of how the method of attachment can impact rigging, (2) the knowledge to determine if the rigging being used was compliant or non-compliant, and (3) the resolve to stop the questionable rigging of others.

Since inception, one of Cranemasters’ largest motivations have been to inspire our students to take what they have learnt and use it to make a positive change at works sites across all provinces and industries. Because of this, Cranemasters have taken a strict approach to our hiring process. This proved difficult in finding the right candidate. Cranemasters invested in hiring instructors that have trade experience and can effectively engage with their students.

One of Cranemasters’ core beliefs is that our students should be taught to nationally recognized standards. Due to this belief Cranemasters is on the CSA B167 board, and our courses are structured to reflect this. Standards effectively demonstrate to the students that focus must be taken to understand the manufacturer’s specifications for ANY rigging they may use. Our level of seriousness on this topic has even brought us to go beyond the classroom and start working directly with rigging suppliers and manufacturers.

As everything in the modern world turns more-and-more digital, Cranemasters is motivated to remain current, remain the industry leaders. To help industries in remote areas, we created both on-line and virtual training to accomplish the theoretical portions of training and then provide the employers the process / documentation to complete the hands-on exercises.

Cranemasters-lead development of “” demonstrates its drive to put industry always first over profit. This website provides users with current Alberta Legislation, as well as the current ASME B30 standards for rigging. We have enhanced this site greatly over the years by producing short videos for a better learning experience. We have also added many resources for employers, such as: competency assessment forms, toolbox talks, and questionnaires that can be used to help gather information for rigging products, to name a few.

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