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Whether you are a company of five or 25,000, employers in British Columbia have an obligation to protect the health and safety of their employees at work. The small employer health and safety online toolbox provides information on the fundamental elements of a health and safety program. Follow along the modules to stay on track with building your own occupational health and safety management system.

Program Essentials

All BC employers have an obligation to protect the health and safety of their workers. Essential will provide you with the foundational building blocks of your health and safety program.
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When it comes to the cost of an incident in the workplace, many people think about their assessment rates going up and the possible fines they might face. Often, the only consideration is medical and insurance costs, but the cost of a safety incident in the workplace can be must more significant.
COVID-19 resources
Find health and safety tools, templates, and resources to help you develop and improve your COVID-19 safety plan.
Occupational health and safety (OHS) fundamentals
An OHS program should be built upon certain fundamental management principles. As business operators, owners, and managers, you must create the expectations and goals for your occupational health and safety (OHS) program. A commitment from leadership will help your health and safety strategy achieve the strongest results.
Safety Leadership
The employer/manager/owner of all businesses in BC – regardless of their size – is responsible for the leadership of the safety and health programs. This includes the effectiveness and improvement of your health and safety program.  It also means, as a leader, you must provide the safeguards to ensure safe conditions for your workers. The […]
Health and safety in British Columbia
Being hurt or injured on the job can have significant impacts on employees in British Columbia. The Workers Compensation Act (the ‘Act‘) is the worker’s compensation law in British Columbia that addresses worker compensation law in BC, including: Rights and responsibilities Health and safety regulations and standards Enforcement of the Act Assistance for injured workers
Injury reporting
Employers are required to report and investigate all serious incidents and accidents in the workplace. You must report a serious injury or death of a worker to WorkSafeBC under the Workers Compensation Act. What do you need to report to WorkSafeBC? Serious injuries or death of a worker Injuries requiring medical treatment beyond basic first […]
Incident Investigation
An effective and systematic incident investigation program is a key driver to the continuous improvement of your health and safety program, policies. When a serious incident or accident occurs in your workplace, a preliminary investigation must be done. When possible, complete a full investigation while the incident is fresh. If you cannot complete it immediately, […]
Training and instruction for workers
Every new worker, and workers changing roles, must have adequate training before starting work and when new, unfamiliar tasks are assigned. Training can take place in many forms: in-house training onsite onsite or virtual  training provided by a third party off-site training online training one-to-one training with a mentor Identify the training needs for each […]
Worker Representative
A workplace with more than nine (9) but less than twenty (2) workers must have a worker health and safety representative. Workplaces with over twenty (20) workers must have a joint health and safety committee (JHSC). Worker health and safety representatives have a critical role in your health and safety management system. They work closely […]

Extending your Program

Ready to expand your health and safety program? These modules will give you information to take your occupational health and safety management system to the next level.

Specialty Content

Some health and safety risks are unique to specific industries. If you have risks not covered in the essential or extending sections, take a look at the modules below.
Thermal imaging
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Radiation awareness
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Combustible dust
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Industrial storage racking
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