Specialized Services

On top of the standard OHS advisory services that are available to all of our members, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC offers a range of assessment services on industry-specific specialized programs, including:

Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality has become an important health and safety concern. Depending on the materials used or handled, the heating or ventilation systems or the work processes within your facility, your workers may be exposed to contaminants in the air that can put their health at risk.

Combustible Dust

WorkSafeBC has been actively inspecting facilities that typically generate combustible dust. While most people associate combustible dust with the wood processing industry, food processors and manufacturers that produce fine dusts may also be at risk.

Confined Spaces

WorkSafeBC has been actively inspecting facilities for confined spaces.  This has been especially prevalent in BC’s wine industry.  If you have a confined spaces that your employees interact with, an initial determination and hazard assessment may be required.


A worker knows when he has stayed in an uncomfortable or awkward position too long because their body hurts. If the uncomfortable and awkward position is required in order for them to do the job, then they may develop various musculoskeletal disorders.

Machine Guarding

When business operations depend on the use of complicated machinery, establishing safety requirements is critical to the protection of workers from the hazards arising from its use.

Mental Health Consulting

Health and safety goes beyond the physical. The Alliance offers workplace mental health and psychological safety consulting, coaching, and training to support you.

Noise Hazards

Noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards. WorkSafeBC has established occupational exposure limits (OEL) to protect workers’ hearing as well as protect their mental health. An employer must ensure that a worker is not exposed to noise levels above 85 dBA Lex daily noise exposure level or 140 dBC peak sound level.

The Alliance employs several specialist advisors that are qualified on one or a combination of these programs.  While our rates are already competitive against other service providers, members enjoy additional savings.

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