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October 7, 2021. Live premiere of a new documentary film telling the story of the other essential workers in the pandemic: BC's food processors and manufacturers.
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A tragedy is what started Dinoflex on a safety journey with MSABC. This is their story.

When I started down this path, we had a great safety record, but I realized we viewed it as just part of the job, not as a culture within our organization that needed to be developed and embraced by all our staff. We needed to continually recognize our vulnerabilities when working in the many different environments we deploy our staff into each and every day.
Rick Gibbs
Owner of Neutron Factory Works
Remember it is a marathon … not a sprint. The biggest reward is not financial. The biggest reward is knowing I have a safer, more engaged workforce.
Jason Longden
Director, Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Soprema is still a relatively small business, where each employee wears many hats. This is why they realized they needed some help with their safety programs and called MSABC.

Health and safety is our number one corporate value. These are not just words, but a culture; the well-being of our customers and employees is first and foremost, and I’d like to do anything I can to help others make this a value in their organizations.
Justin Williams
CEO, Williams and White
At first we found our investment in Safety Culture very frustrating. The first couple of years it seemed as though nothing was happening. We stuck with it and employees saw that we were sticking with it this time. Now it is unbelievable how much our injury rates have improved.
Jaqueline Levy
Owner, Robar Industries
Viking Air

Viking Air strives to be world class in all things so they started pursuing OSSE certification with the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. This is their story.

I would recommend the OSSE Certification Program to any organization as a means of ensuring their workplace is going beyond the legal requirements in the area of employee health and safety to minimize the risks associated to their industry.
Barry Woodcock
Environmental Health and Safety Leader, Sysco Canada Inc.
I’m passionate about safety because it’s people. At the end of the day, sending your employees home safe as how they got there is a real win for that day. It’s a real success for your business.
Sandra Oldfield
Elysian Projects Inc.
My epiphany on my health and safety journey came when I was asked by one of my employees, ‘When are we going to stop hurting people?’ It changed my whole perspective on health and safety.
Ben Hume
BC Safety Charter Signatory
There is nothing so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.
Paul Henning
President/Founder, Paul Henning Consulting