Health and safety advisors

Dr. Steve Conway


Mental Health and Wellness Director

Dr. Steve Conway brings more than 30 years experience in mental health services and leadership to his role as Mental Health and Wellness Director at the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. Drawing on his background as an educator and expertise in providing mental health services to diverse populations and clinical issues in a wide range of settings, Steve delivers personalized workshops, leadership consulting, and coaching on workplace mental health issues.

Dr. Aaron Derouin


Safety Advisor Specialist — Ergonomics

Aaron Derouin is a certified professional ergonomist in both the U.S. (CPE) and Canada (CCPE) with experience in various industry sectors, including: manufacturing, nuclear energy, and aerospace. In 2020, Aaron completed a doctorate in Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics from the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University’s, where he examined the effects of night vision googles on helicopter aircrew performance and muscular demand. Aaron has co-authored numerous inspection reports, technical reports, peer-reviewed publications, and two regulatory documents.

Rosa Diaz


Training & Development Manager

An industrial engineer by profession, Rosa chose to work in the health and safety field very early on. Her father had a workplace accident that affected the family in many ways and prompted her to dedicate her career to helping to prevent workplace accidents.

Heidi Hare


Senior Safety Advisor

Heidi Hare has more than 14 years of occupational health and safety experience, in safety training for utilities, construction, heavy industry, and post-secondary continuing education and occupational hygiene programs. She has developed staff orientation in health and safety practices for industrial, laboratory, and office and has been actively involved in strategic communications with government, provincial health, corporate partners, and scientific researchers.

Muhammad Qazi

Industrial Hygienist

Muhammad comes to Alliance after completing a co-op with the National Collaborating Centre for Environment Health in environmental hygiene. He brings a broad range of skills to his role — including skills identification, evaluation, and control of exposure to chemical, physical and biological hazards. These skills include indoor air quality assessments, noise, and chemical exposure assessment and control.

Sasan Tahvili

OHS Technical Advisor

Sasan is a highly skilled and motivated occupational health and safety professional with more than 8 years of experience specifically in safety and more than 25 years of work experience in the manufacturing industry. He has a proven track record of assisting employers in providing safe workplaces for their employees and is passionate about what he does. Sasan is dedicated to delivering high-quality results and providing exceptional services to his clients.

Brendan Talbot

Safety Advisor - Specialist, Occupational Hygienist

Brendan is a Health and Safety Specialist with nearly a decade of experience garnered from a variety of industries throughout Canada, including Oil & Gas, supply chain distribution and heavy equipment manufacturing. Having held various technical and management roles such as Environmental Supervisor, EHS Manager, and Industrial Hygienist. He has penchant for troubleshooting and relies on the breadth of his experience to produce effective, practical, and sustainable solutions to workplace health and safety challenges.

Gavin Thomas


Safety Advisor

Gavin Thomas is a safety professional with more than 25 years’ experience in emergency management, fire safety, and occupational health and safety. His expertise spans operational, tactical, and strategic emergency response, as well as fire and safety inspections, auditing, and enforcement.

Dareece Tomyn

OHS Services Manager

Dareece has spent her career leading teams in the manufacturing industry for over 25 years.  Her background is predominantly in client services and effectively managing diverse teams to ensure they meet and exceed client expectations.  She counts herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved in all sizes of companies from privately owned to a Fortune 500 company.