Technical Advisory Committee

The TAC is a forum where food processors and representatives from manufacturing can provide input into Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC products and services in two key areas: Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Certificate of Recognition (COR – branded as OSSE by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC) services.

Purpose of the TAC

  • To assist the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC in the development and review of the Qualified Companies Program instruments, including collectively ascertaining where focus should be concentrated with the audit process.
  • To provide input and recommendations in regards to the development of the Training program including internal/external auditor training.
  • To provide input and recommendations in regards to the External Auditor Standards that the industry would respect and expect for the auditing process.
  • To provide input and recommendations on any other area of the Certificate of Recognition program in the development or operational stage that would require consultation with the Committee.
  • To assist in evaluating and assessing the function of the Synergy Program.
  • To provide recommendations to the Board (with industry consultation and statistical analysis) in regards to the development of Safety/Return to Work resources and training programs.
  • To work with the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC in developing Industry Recognized Practices and bringing forward their specific concerns and suggestions.
  • To provide strategic health & safety operational guidance to the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC.
  • To identify, prioritize, and make recommendations on health and safety issues which arise as part of the Manufacturing A Safety Alliance of BC’s business.

TAC Membership

The Technical Advisory Committee members are appointed by the Board from recommendations made by the Nominations Committee. The Committee is composed of a minimum of 10 individuals that include representation from small (1million dollars accessible payroll) and large companies (>5 million dollars accessible payroll), a Worker Representative and 2 designated experts as requested by the Committee and/or Board. In addition, the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s OHS Research, Programs & Development Manager and a WorkSafeBC representative sit on the Committee with the WorkSafeBC representative in an advisory capacity and not a sanctioned voting member. Every effort will be made to include as many industry representatives as possible to obtain effective input. The Committee Chair is appointed by the Board.

The Committee makes decision through consensus where everyone must agree on the issue or decision at hand for a recommendation from the Committee to proceed. When consensus is unable to be achieved, the issue is investigated further until a decision is obtained. Where consensus is not obtained following extensive exploration, the issue is brought forward to the Board.

Committee members serve a 2 year staggered term. However, the Nominations Committee evaluates the contributions of the members and provides recommendations to the Board for individual reappointment.

TAC Committee Members:

Andre Radsick, SHEQ & IMS Coordinator Epiroc, Canada

Chris Moore, Quality / Business Process Manager, Unifiller Systems

Debbie South-Mitchell, Human Resources Manager, AIT Canada

Gordon Jack, Plant Manager, Andrew Peller

Keith Preston, OHS Specialist, Crown Packaging

Kelly Hamer, Human Resources Manager, Flexiforce North America

Manu Nellutla, Chief Operating Officer (TAC Chair), Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Mohamed Gad, Industry Specialist, Partners Program, WorkSafeBC

Phillip Vernon, Industry Specialist, ILS, WorkSafeBC

Richard Crammond, Safety Coordinator K-Line, Trailers

Rob Montgomery, Warehouse Manager / Safety Coordinator, Kerry Canada

TAC Governance

The Committee is under the OHS Research, Programs & Development Manager who reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Technical Advisory Committee is steered by the Committee Chairperson. In the absence of the Committee Chair the TAC member who is hosting the meeting will act as Co-Chair and steer the meeting. The Co-Chair will have no other duties. The committee’s reporting responsibility is to the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC with a dotted line to the Board of Directors.

It is expected that the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors provide advice and guidance to the Committee at any time on all matters pertaining to the Committee and its work processes.

TAC Meetings

Meetings are designed to bring together the participating parties and collectively discuss and resolve association’s concerns or suggestions regarding the content of the safety material.

The Committee will conduct face-to-face meetings on a bi-monthly basis.. The date and time of the meetings are determined by the Committee Chair in consultation with the Committee.

Committee members will serve without remuneration, but will be reimbursed for appropriate travel expenses incurred in performing their duties, according to the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC’s expense guidelines.

A summary record of each meeting will be prepared by the staff as soon as possible and communicated to all associations through their representatives on the standing committee.

The Committee is free to invite interested persons whom they feel can make a positive impact in the development to the meetings.

Within this same vein, interested parties would also be welcome to submit papers providing their views, expertise, and opinions on particular subjects relevant to the Industry Recognized Practices and these would be considered by the committee.

TAC Member Requirements

  • The ability to work with a cooperative group and focus on safety topics. Political, labour relations, and other common place issues that normally infiltrate meetings are left at the door and the Committee’s focus is pure health and safety.
  • The ability to attend the meetings on a bi-monthly basis, or if not able to attend due to another pressing issue, make a commitment to review the minutes of the meeting with the Chair. Committee members are expected to commit to attend at least 66% of the meetings held per year.
  • The ability to review all material before each meeting, as required and provide input to facilitate the process.
  • The ability to have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their industry’s type of work, and know what will or will not work with health and safety programs within their specific disciplines.
  • Committee members will have functional experience in health and safety in their industry, be supportive of the process and committed to making a difference in the safety performance of the BC manufacturing and food processing industry.

If you are interested in serving industry by becoming a TAC member, please download the Committee Nominations Form.

Committee nominations form

Contact information

Interests and experience

MSABC evaluates candidates based on the knowledge, skills and experience that they bring to the Board. In our commitment to reflecting community diversity on our Board, we encourage applicants from equity-deserving groups to apply (including Indigenous persons, people of colour, persons with disabilities, persons of minority sexual orientations, gender identities, and others.


Two references that we may contact in support of your application