Health & Safety Training

We are expanding our selection of online training courses all the time and can even offer the option of delivering our courses at your place of business any day of the week. Traditional instructor led classroom training is available at regularly scheduled times and locations.

Instructor-Led Training

Imagine being able to have your staff trained at your worksite using your machinery, your tools and your premises to receive hands-on training.

Imagine being able to have your night shift have access to training they have never before been able to take advantage of. Imagine that, since different people learn best in different environments, you could train your staff in a way which was best suited to their needs.

You can with the help of Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC customized learning.

If you would like to arrange instructor-led training please call us at 604.795.9595 or email us. One of our Safety Advisors will be glad to arrange an instructor-led training session for you.

Online Learning

We offer online training which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be accessed from any computer, laptop or tablet with internet access.

If shift work, distance, time, resources, or any number of issues, is keeping you from enrolling your staff into the latest health and safety courses, we have the solution.

Our self-paced online courses can generally be completed in two to four hours. Students also have the ability to resume courses, at any time, right from where they left off. Courses have been designed so that they are easy to understand, easy to follow and simple to complete.

Our Courses

Follow the links below for individual course outlines.


Joint Health & Safety Committee

This course is designed to introduce an example of a Joint Health and Safety Committee program and to provide all employee levels the tools necessary to develop and implement an OHS program at their workplace.

Workplace Inspections

Effective workplace inspections are one of the most important incident prevention tools in a company’s health and safety management program. Employers must ensure that regular inspections are made of all workplaces, including: buildings, structures, grounds, excavations, tools, equipment, machinery and work methods, and practices.

Incident Investigation

The course will provide essential knowledge and awareness that will enhance the participant’s ability to participate in the incident/accident investigation component of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system.

Hazard Identification & Control

This course provides the fundamental principles of hazard identification and control. The aim of this course is to provide the participant with the tools and a basic understanding of hazard recognition, risk assessments and the methodology of controls.


Principles of OHS Management

This course is designed to provide essential, basic knowledge and awareness of the principles, process and legislation applicable to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). This course enables participants to gain the knowledge necessary to develop and maintain and OHS program.

Small Employer Program Building

This course is designed to introduce an example of a Joint Health and Safety Committee program and to provide all employee levels the tools necessary to develop and implement an OHS program at their workplace.


Occupational ergonomic considerations in MSI prevention.

Ergonomics 101: Fundamentals

This course will provide participants with the basic principles and concepts of Ergonomics so that they understand the importance of application of ergonomic principles in the workplace.

Ergonomics 102: Building a Program

This course is designed to assist participants with the implementation of an MSI/MSD reduction program at their workplace.


Practical safety training for specific industry hazards.

Confined Space Entry & Monitoring

This course provides the tools to identify hazards in a confined space, control the risks, and key considerations in preparing for the potential risks involved in rescuing a trapped victim. 

Industrial Storage Racking

The main objective of the course is to outline the safety requirements for steel storage racks in workplaces—to ensure employers understand the hazards and controls associated with this common workplace equipment. In addition, the goal of this course is to ensure that participants understand new regulations and requirements for racking inspection so employers can ensure the safety of their workers around storage racks.


Instructional Skills for Supervisors

Most people who call themselves trainers today probably didn’t start out that way. They often work in a field where they develop extensive knowledge and then are asked to share what they know. While many trainers have some experience with teaching, writing, or leadership, both new and experienced instructors can benefit from a thorough overview of current training methods and techniques in adult learning.

Safety Culture Program Building

To give participants a detailed understanding of the importance of safety culture, what a strong safety culture looks like, and how management can help build a positive safety culture. Participants are taught tools and best practices for building, measuring and analyzing their organization’s safety culture.

Employee Safety Orientation

Front-line managers and supervisors are  frequently tasked with shaping behaviour while ensuring employees receive an adequate introduction to workplace health and safety. Upon completion of the Employee Safety Orientation course, students will have a much better understanding of some of the common workplace health and safety elements. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a workplace orientation program.

Mental Health Initial Awareness

Mental health is more than being happy all the time. It’s about feeling good about who you are, having balance in your life, and managing life’s highs and lows. For an introduction to the fundamentals of workplace mental health, start with this free course.

Mental Health Initial Intervention

The Mental Health Initial Intervention (MHII) course is designed to teach individuals how to recognize and help employees in the workplace who are displaying signs of mental health distress; until appropriate support is in place or until the crisis is resolved. Offered by delivery partner Diversified Rehabilitation Group.

Canada-BC Job Grant supports skills training for current and new employees

The CJG provides funding for employers to support skills training for their current and new employees. The maximum an employer can receive per fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st) is $10,000 per participant, with a maximum of $300,000 in total government funding per employer.

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