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Anhydrous Ammonia

Ammonia - also known as anhydrous ammonia or liquid ammonia is used in many applications in agriculture and industry including as a fertilizer, to make plastics, fibres and other chemicals, and as a refrigerant. It is a clear, colourless gas (or colourless liquid under pressure) with a telltale ammonia-like odour.

Anhydrous Ammonia Resources and Tools
Use this self-assessment tool from WorkSafeBC to better understand the risk that anhydrous ammonia (ammonia) in industrial refrigeration systems can present to the workplace. It will help you determine whether your facility has effective controls in place to protect workers from exposure to ammonia.
Common health hazards of anhydrous ammonia arise from its inhalation and corrosive effects. These effects can harm workers if there is an accidental release. In addition to the health hazard, at higher concentrations — for example, during a significant release in an enclosed area — and with ineffective controls, a fire or explosion may occur.
Information on flammable and combustible substances from the B.C. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.