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September 2023
Respiratory Protection

Workers in food processing and manufacturing industries may be exposed to a number of respiratory hazards such as particulate contaminants (i.e., dusts, fibres, mists, fumes), biological contaminants, and gas and vapor contaminants. Employers are responsible for providing adequate protection for workers where these hazards are present. Each of these hazards may require a different types of respirator or other personal protective equipment.

This safety topic shares information about some of the respiratory hazards a worker may encounter, and how to identify them. It also provides guidance to help identify which respirator are most effective against these particular respiratory hazards and how to ensure that a respirator is being used properly.

Basic Training
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This awareness level course will introduce learners to how respiratory protection is used, inspected, and maintained in the workplace. This is a basic awareness course to help learners better understand how to protect their health and safety.  This course does NOT qualify individuals to work in Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) environments. Additional […]
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Respiratory Protection Resources and Tools
Air Quality Assessment Indoor air quality has become an important health and safety concern. Depending on the materials used or handled, the heating or ventilation systems or the work processes within your facility, your workers may be exposed to contaminants in the air that can put their health at risk. WorkSafeBC has established occupational exposure […]
This manual, developed for employers, supervisors, and workers, describes different types of breathing hazards and respirators. It also explains how to choose, fit, and care for a respirator. In addition, the manual covers the essential elements of respirator programs.
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas and is one of the leading causes of gas poisoning in North America. Carbon monoxide is a by-product of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels which you can find anywhere a fuel-powered engine operates.
A handy, printable checklist for inspection of your respirators.
NIOSH approved disposable respirators for food processing and manufacturing
We breathe 24/7 and rarely give it any thought.  But there are particulate contaminants, gas and vapours, and oxygen-deficient atmospheres that can impact our ability to breathe both at work and at home.  Sometimes their affects are acute (e.g., you pass out by getting a large exposure to a substance such as ammonia) or they […]
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This resource bundle includes: Particulate filter types poster Respiratory inspection checklist User seal checks for disposable respirators User seal checks for half-face reusable respirators with cartridges User seal checks for half-face reusable respirators with filters
Information on how to conduct user seal checks for reusable half-face respirators with filter
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Who does this impact? WorkSafeBC has announced that in 2024, as part of their Planned Inspections Initiative, they will be focusing inspections on the following manufacturing classification units (CUs). Historically, workers in these CUs are at higher risk for serious injury....