3 training tips for giving an effective toolbox talk

Toolbox talks are quick safety meetings that usually take place at the beginning of the work day. However, toolbox talks can be presented at any time, or any place, within any group or workers. To better support managers and supervisors tasked with presenting daily toolbox talks to workers, here are a few tips:

Prepare ahead of time.

Do not begin planning your talk the morning you are scheduled to present it. Be familiar with the topic, or subject, for the talk and plan for it. Ensure the toolbox talk is in a logical order and can be easily understood.

Find a relevant topic.

Ensure the topic is important to your workers. Workers will often disengage during a toolbox talk if it has nothing to do with the work being done.

Know your audience.

It is recommended to use a language level that your workers understand. Also, remember that not all workers have English as their first language.

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