Ben Hume Leadership Award

Congratulations to the 2021 Ben Hume Award Recipient

2021 Ben Hume Award Nominees

Dann Konkin

Don Bayda

Brian Wall

About the Ben Hume Leadership Award

Ben Hume

Twenty years ago, while he was president of an aluminum manufacturer, a long-term worker turned and asked him, “When are we going to stop hurting people?”It was a question that Ben took to heart.

In four years, the company had grown from 30 to 120 workers. In the haste to increase production, safety had been sidelined and the company had 23 lost time incidents. Ben and his team brought the incident rate down significantly in 18 months.

Ben carried his passion for building safe workplaces throughout his career. As his influence in the business community grew, he continued to champion his belief that safe workplaces are a direct result of CEOs and executives making a commitment promote to a culture of safety.

In 2017, Ben was recognized with the inaugural Ben Hume Award for demonstrating health and safety leadership throughout his career. Awarded at the Safety Pinnacle Awards each year, this award recognizes a BC Safety Charter member who demonstrates exemplary leadership, as judged by their peers to have demonstrated the ability to inspire both their management team and workforce to ever higher safety standards and to be an advocate for maintaining a culture of safety.

2020 Award Recipient – Steve Horvath

Chris Inkster 2019
2019 Award Recipient - Chris Inkster
Sandra Oldfield 2018
2018 Award Recipient - Sandra Oldfield

2021 Ben Hume Award Finalists

Dann Konkin  CEO
AMPCO Manufacturing

AMPCO Manufacturing

Don Bayda CEO
F&M Installations

Brian Wall  CEO
AEM Electronics Manufacturing

AEM Electronics