Career Opportunities

About the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (“the Alliance”) is a not-for-profit industry organization that seeks to address challenges and opportunities specific to food & beverage processing and manufacturing and to set industry standards for health and safety. The Alliance was established by industry leaders in December 2007, (originally called the BC Food Processors Health and Safety Council), to help reduce injuries and claims costs industry-wide, and to exchange information about how this can be achieved.

The guiding principle is to create and maintain a united resource so that by working together with the manufacturing and food processing industries, everyone can benefit from shared input and expertise to achieve our vision of being industry leaders in health and safety and our mission of fostering commitment among employers to reduce the unacceptable rate of injury in BC.

The Alliance works in partnership with WorkSafeBC in their Partners in Injury and Disability Prevention Program, Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. This is a program that recognizes and financially rewards employers who have high standards of occupational health and safety and return-to-work programs.

  • OHS Audits Advisor

    The aim of the OHS Audits Advisor is to offer value to our members without compromise, delivering the highest level of service by supporting Occupational Safety Standard of Excellence program policy development, coordinating OSSE company and auditor relations and the OSSE awards program. This position is based at the head office in Chilliwack, and reports to the OHS Audits Manager.

  • Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

    The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC is presently seeking a dynamic and creative Marketing and PR Specialist with social media expertise, strong writing abilities, event organizing, and strategic communications experience. The ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and/or Communications, with previous experience writing and editing for technical publications and content. This is a full-time salaried position, based at the Manufacturing Safety Alliance offices in Chilliwack, BC, reporting to the Marketing Manager.

  • Safety Advisor

    The aim of the Safety Advisor is to offer value to our members without compromise, deliver the highest level of service by assisting our members to implement Health & Safety Management Systems that meet and exceed Occupational Health & Safety standards, seek to attain the OSSE standard of Excellence and become OSSE certified.