Learning Portal Customization Portal

Welcome to the Learning Portal family! We’re excited to have you join as a portal client and are excited to get you started.

Learning Portals can be customized with your corporates colors, logos and images. Please review the selections below and email your assets & selections to Anna at [email protected]

1. Graphic Assets

Area of the Learning Portal

My Courses and Catalog

Settings (Logo)


Welcome banner image
Image for course details
Image for login page
Banner image

Header logo
Mobile app logo
Favicon logo


1920x360px | 300kb max size
1920x360px | 300kb max size
1920x860px | 1Mb max size
1920x360px | 300kb max size

200x54px | 300kb max size
1240x624px | 600kb max size
16x16px | 300kb max size

Welcome banner image | 1920x360px | 300kb max size

Image for course details | 1920x360px | 300kb max size

Image for login page | 1920x860px | 1Mb max size

Banner image | 1920x360px | 300kb max size

Graphic Assets - Logos

Header logo | 200x54px | 300kb max size

Mobile app logo | 1240x624px | 600kb max size

Favicon logo | 16x16px | 300kb max size

2. Theme & Colours

Customize your portal theme and colours by sending through the RGB colours for the below sections. Up to 5 colours can be used for your learning portal. Please email them to Anna at [email protected] 

Base colour
Highlight colour
Homepage tiles

  • Used for representing your brand, in areas like headers, footers, and interactive elements
  • The highlight should compliment your base colour. The highlight colour will call our attention to important notificaitons and buttons
  • Use to highlight the main menu tiles on the homepage
  • Used for indicating primary interactive functionality throughout the interface. This colour should stand out and can represent your brand
  • Used for indicating completed, positive, or successful actions and statuses to users. This colour indicates the user’s progression

3. Optional: Templated LMS Banner Image Options

We are happy to offer portal clients the use of one of our templated LMS banners showcased below should you not have one of your own. Please indicate which option you’d like to proceed with and email Anna at [email protected] with your selected option.