Knowledge Base

A number of questions from attendees in multiple regions asking about things they’ve heard about the March AstraZeneca workplace vaccinations. They are wondering now, how can a company can find out if they are “on the list” or radar of the health authority for any future phase of the essential worker vaccine rollout?

Things have been fast moving in the rollout of vaccines, with the supply that we have changing, having some disruptions at some points, being alert and nimble to all this has been challenging for both regional health authorities and for the general public/employers who are supporting employees getting vaccinated. In relation to AstraZeneca, this will vary from region to region. Each region has been given authority to deliver vaccinations to where its most necessary. For example Fraser Health & Island Health, the attention is to farms as a high risk site, and is less so the case for VCH. Meanwhile Northern Health may look at more industrial applications that aren’t as common in the south. Suggestion is – writing to the Alliance with your expression of interest to add your names and contact info to our database, and when VCH can offer vaccinations to each sector, we’ll be able to contact you. Register your interest.