Knowledge Base

Can Theresa share about the training available to supervisors and companies to support RTW? The RTW consultation and education department are amazing, and they helped us improve our program by looking at our paperwork and providing both virtual and on-site training to our supervisory team.

Teresa (WorkSafeBC): We offer a Return to Work Coordinator course. It is a two-day course focuses on the role and responsibilities of a return-to-work (RTW) coordinator, providing participants with the information, tools, and templates that will allow them to do the job. The course focuses on the value of a proactive approach, which provides support for an injured worker right from the time of injury, provides modified or alternate work that is appropriate and safe for their specific injury and limitations, and keeps the worker connected to the workplace while they recover. This course will provide participants with enough information to move them, and their organization, toward a process that aligns with leading practices.