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Can you please clarify, why in other parts of the World, they have been very adamant about ensuring that the 2nd dose is given within a month of the 1st shot, why is it that here, that it’s been deemed that up to 4 months is still effective. I understand that the goal is to get as many people as we can, however, are we not at risk at the first does being ineffective?

We’ve had our national and provincial bodies look at this very closely, trying to optimize the supply of vaccinations that we do have. We’ve seen other parts of the world – UK, have good success with this in controlling their pandemic in a large scale. Wide scaled coverage with a single dose is a good first goal, and probably better than lesser coverage with higher, more effective 2-doses. If we can get to 60-70% coverage of the single dose, we’ll be in a much better place for preventing transmission in a population level. In bringing the pandemic under relative control sooner, wide spread use of the single dose is thought to be best. In BC right now, the plan is to give the 2nd dose 16 weeks after the 1st dose. For countries that are a few weeks ahead of us with their campaigns, we’ve seen really good results so we have confidence that this is the way to go.