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COVID seems to have created/exacerbated people’s feelings of isolation. One attendee judge that we’re still feeling the results now. Their workplace is trying to foster some team building activities, however, they are always looking for more ideas to enhance their general workplace morale. Do you have any good resources to share?

Covid has had a tremendous impact of people’s wellbeing and feelings of isolation. The pandemic may be over, but its impact is still with us today. The following are some effective team building activities for enhancing employee connection and morale in a manufacturing setting:

  • Lunch & Learns: Organize informal lunchtime sessions where employees can share their skills, hobbies, or knowledge with their colleagues. It’s a low-cost way to promote learning and build connections.
  • Team Challenges: Create simple team challenges related to work tasks or problem-solving. For example, a daily production challenge where teams compete to achieve the highest output while maintaining quality standards.
  • Employee-Led Workshops: Instead of hiring external facilitators, consider having talented employees lead workshops or training sessions on topics they excel in. This promotes knowledge sharing and utilizes internal expertise.
  • Team Huddles: Conduct short team huddles at the beginning or end of shifts to discuss goals, achievements, and any challenges. This keeps everyone informed and engaged.
  • Employee Recognition: Implement a peer recognition program where employees can nominate and appreciate their colleagues for their contributions. Simple certificates or shout-outs during team meetings can go a long way.
  • Employee Survey and Feedback: Regularly seek feedback from employees to understand their needs and preferences for team building activities. This ensures you’re investing in activities that resonate with the team.
  • Health and Wellness Challenges: Organize wellness challenges like step competitions or mindfulness sessions. Employee well-being directly impacts morale and productivity.
  • Volunteer Days: Offer employees the opportunity to volunteer together for a charitable cause during work hours. Many organizations welcome volunteer groups and cover the cost of materials.
  • Employee Appreciation Days: Host occasional appreciation days where you provide treats, snacks, or lunch to recognize the team’s hard work and dedication.
  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Encourage employees from different departments to collaborate on projects or initiatives. This fosters teamwork, breaks down silos, and creates a sense of unity.