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Should pandemic be included in an Emergency Preparedness program?

Considering pandemic planning would be a prudent process. Employers are expected to follow OHSR5.2 and OHSR5.59 in relation to COVID-19 exposure in their workplace.

OHSR 3.3 Contents of program

The occupational health and safety program must be designed to prevent injuries and occupational diseases, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the program must include:

  1. A statement of the employer's aims and the responsibilities of the employer, supervisors, and workers,
  2. Provision for the regular inspection of premises, equipment, work methods, and work practices, at appropriate intervals, to ensure that prompt action is undertaken to correct any hazardous conditions found,
  3. Appropriate written instructions, available for reference by all workers, to supplement this Occupational Health and Safety Regulation,
  4. Provision for holding periodic management meetings for the purpose of reviewing health and safety activities and incident trends, and for the determination of necessary courses of action,
  5. Provision for the prompt investigation of incidents to determine the action necessary to prevent their recurrence,
  6. The maintenance of records and statistics, including reports of inspections and incident investigations, with provision for making this information available to the joint committee or worker health and safety representative, as applicable and, upon request, to an officer, the union representing the workers at the workplace or, if there is no union, the workers at the workplace, and
  7. Provision by the employer for the instruction and supervision of workers in the safe performance of their work.