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In our RTW program, we lose weeks of a worker being away as we have difficulty engaging case managers. Is there more we can do to reduce the financial impact?

Ensure that your workers are well educated in what recovery at work and return to work looks like so there is less of a learning curve when they are actually injured and trying to navigate the system. If they buy-in and understand what to do, it should help communication from all parties with WorkSafeBC.

Second, if you follow-up with a case manager and you are not hearing back from them, you may improve those chances by being as detailed as you can when you leave messages so they best know how to answer your question when they respond. You can always ask to speak to case manager’s manager. To do this, ask for their phone number and do not worry that you will upset them, as this is standard protocol, and everyone is well aware and supportive of that approach, as needed.

Last, contact the Claims Nurse Line for guidance. This is an employer support line that is managed by a registered nurse team of experts in occupational injury and return to work programs. The nurses provide a clinical perspective that is separate from claims entitlement and prevention issues and focuses on early intervention and offers of modified work.

Phone: 604.279.8155 (Lower Mainland)
Toll-free: 1.877.633.6233
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If none of these options are working, try the Employer’s Advisors office to see if they can better support you.