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Can you offer any suggestions on the most effective methods for employee screening?

  • On the first workday of the week, employees complete a medical questionnaire and submit it to their Supervisor prior to starting work. Employees are asked to be mindful of fever symptoms (cold body, hot head) and to take their temperature at home, if possible. If fever symptoms are noted, the employee is asked not come to work.
  • If all answers are NO on the questionnaire, the employee can proceed to work.
  • If any answers have a YES, the employee is asked to submit their questionnaire to their Supervisor and Safety Co-ordinator right away. The questionnaire is then forwarded to a third party medical clinic as soon as possible for secondary assessment to determine if the employee is able to remain at, or come into, work that day.
  • On subsequent days of the work week (Tuesday – Friday), employees are only required to self-monitor for flu-like symptoms; if free of symptoms, employees do not need to re-submit the questionnaire.