Knowledge Base

What have you found has been something that you had to let go of that previously you thought you couldn’t do business without?

  • The illusion of control. The belief that I and I alone or my partner and I are the only ones that are running this company: I have realized that we can’t be in control of everything, and the load of running a business needs to be shared to the best of everyone’s ability across the whole organization. (panelist 1)
  • Having assurances that work can occur as efficiently at home as at work was a bit of a leap of faith for me.  While there is still evidence to suggest that our employees aren’t as efficient at home as they are in the office, the main reasons are attributable to hardware limitations, internet speed, and incomplete systems that were created in such a short amount of time.  As these issues are resolved and improved, I think the efficiency level will be on par and then it will be a matter of what cultural implications there will be as more people choose (or are mandated) to work from home more often. (panelist 2)