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What do you mean by the phone call is logged by WorkSafeBC?

Ale WorkSafeBC: keeps a record of the phone calls throughout a claim. Case Managers often summarize conversations after speaking to a worker or an employer. You can find this under the “Communications” tab via the online claim portal. The call centre may also “log” a message that you leave for the Case Manager, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant or Long Term Disability Officer. This is helpful for claim management purposes. For example, if a new Case Manager is assigned to the claim, they can review previous correspondence with the worker to pick up where they left off.

Phone memos can also be used as evidence in Review Division and WCAT appeals. An employer or worker may use these logged messages to confirm that the Duty to Cooperate was not/complied with.

Amanda (TeksMed Services): All claim communication (calls, correspondence, emails, etc.) is logged on a claim by WCB and may appear in claim disclosure.