Who is being served at priority immunization clinics?

Based on direction from the provincial Ministry of Health, we will complete the program this week. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has recommended a temporary suspension of the use of the AstraZeneca/SII Covishield vaccines in Canadians under 55. This is a precautionary measure, as the vaccine may be associated with rare cases of blood clots, totaling less than 30 cases worldwide out of 20 million people who received the vaccine.

Confirmed employee appointments scheduled to take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre and in Whistler, this week (week of March 28) will be honoured; eligible employees will receive a different Health Canada-approved vaccine. If your business or worksite did not have confirmed appointment times, we are not accepting new appointments as the program closes. If your staff missed their previously scheduled appointments, the clinic is not taking any drop-ins and they will be turned away. Please refer to the provincial COVID-19 Immunization plan and its timeline for information about upcoming opportunities for vaccination. We are currently in Phase 2 of the plan.

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