Your branded health and safety training portal

Company learning portals

Easily manage training for your whole team with subscription access to a learning management system

Say goodbye to manual tracking and training, and hello to a learning portal to streamline your training delivery, administration, and auditing. Accessible anytime, anywhere, it’s the time-saving tool you never knew you needed and will be so glad you have. 

Employee benefits:

  1. Access training any time, anywhere
  2. Keep certificates, training records, and transcripts in one place
  3. Access the full course catalogue of Alliance-produced online training courses—from safety committee basics to popular workplace health and safety topics 

Employer benefits:

  1. Supervise, track, and report on your employees’ learning progress
  2. Reduce the time commitment for admin staff by automating your training
  3. Easy employee enrollment
  4. Real time data access
  5. Multiple training groups for departments’ specific needs 
  6. Full access to the full course catalogue of Alliance-produced online courses for your employees training needs (all vetted to BC regulations)
  7. Multi-language support in the interface including Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, ++ (Alliance courses are currently provided in English, but you may upload your own multilingual training content to support your team)
  8. Brand your portal with your company colours, logo, and images
  9. Add your own additional courses, how-to videos, and process documents to your portal to enhance your employees’ learning experience (inquire for more information)

If you’re responsible for managing employee training, you know how much time it takes to track, audit, and report on updates. Remove that barrier and set up a portal for all your tracking and auditing needs.

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Learning portal pricing



Pricing is based on a yearly subscription, billed monthly—or annually at a 5% discount.  Overage use is charged at $10 per additional user/month until you choose to upgrade your plan.